The Disability Program is aimed at individuals that identify themselves to have a disability that affects that their ability to participate in training and employment. The goal is to ensure that persons with disabilities have equal opportunity to access existing programs and services through the removal of barriers.

Eligible participants are persons of employment age that identify themselves to have some form of disability that presents a barrier.  It should be noted that all of Shooniyaa Wa-Biitong’s existing programs are available to persons with disabilities. The intent is to build in flexibility that allows them access and equal opportunity to participate.

The Duration of the program is flexible based on needs.  The program receives only EI funds to deliver the service, however CRF is considered on a case by case basis through other programs

The intent of the Disability Program is to assist with those costs that are associated as a result of the person’s disability and where the person may need additional supports on the job. The goal is also to research and use other available financial resources.

A participant wage/allowance is available, depending on the client needs.