The Self-Employment Program is designed to assist selected individuals create self-employment opportunities through small business start-up. SE participants work on their business plans while receiving coaching and income support.  Eligible participants must be a Treaty #3 member who is unemployed, at least 17 years of age and who has been out of school for a minimum of one year.

Participants are expected to work on their business and business plan at least 40 hours per week and are expected to report on results on a weekly basis. There is some provision for training related to business management.  Participants are eligible to be on the program for up a maximum of 40 weeks as determined through an assessment.  Can be CRF funds or EI depending on status of participant

Participants are eligible to receive an allowance, business management related training if required and equity assistance. Please refer to Program guidelines for detailed information for eligible costs.  Allowances are paid to participants directly from Shooniyaa Wa-Biitong and are not insurable.

Email: [email protected]