The Anokiiwin Job Connect project is focusing on building equality and increasing opportunities of Aboriginal People within the mainstream economic structure of the Treaty #3 area.  There is currently an underrepresentation of aboriginal people in the workforce in all industries across the Treaty #3.  Our goal is to offer the opportunity to increase employment prospects through the Anokiiwin project.   The Anokiiwin Job Connect project consists of two components; an Aboriginal Employee Resource Toolkit and Job Connect database.  The goal is two-fold:  to offer a culturally sensitive resource for employers to reference through all stages of employment.  The second goal is the design of the Anokiiwin Job Connect database.  The database will increase employment opportunities for aboriginal job seekers looking for careers within aboriginal and non-aboriginal organizations across Treaty #3.

The Employer Toolkit will focus on the history and culture within Treaty #3, the uniqueness of all communities, the benefits of hiring aboriginal employees, and the retention of aboriginal employees through development of a support committee handling all Human Resource issues.  We want to promote the benefits of having a uniquely diverse staff.   We strive to educate employers within the Treaty #3 area to be culturally sensitive.  We want Employers and Organizations across Treaty #3 to be more diverse and open to opportunities.  The toolkit will offer Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal employers a culturally sensitive document that assists in all stages of employment.

The Job Connect database will focus on building a database of the job ready Aboriginal workers and connect them with employers and job opportunities within the Treaty #3 area.  The database will encourage job seekers to identify their qualifications, education and skill set and request that employers complete organizational profiles and post job vacancies.  We aspire to meet the demands of employers in the Treaty #3 area and promote the untapped Aboriginal labour pool.

The Anokiiwin Job Connect project will focus on building an employer and job seeker database, and the development of an Employer Resource Toolkit.  We look forward to building strong linkages with Treaty #3 employers in all industry sectors and better servicing them with an extensively generated database of job seeker clients.  We will build from Shooniyaa Wa-Biitong’s client base to match and place previously trained and any future clients, into employer established vacancies, filling postings from Treaty #3 employers with qualified Treaty #3 candidates.



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