Call for Applications

Objective: To provide an opportunity for Youth participants to participate in innovative project activities that contribute towards the acquisition of personal life skills, essential employment skills, the building of leadership skills, career awareness and strong work ethic. These skills are essential in order for Youth to achieve their personal goals. While on the project, Youth participants, under guided supervision, will take responsibility for the initial design, development, implementation and evaluation of a project. Projects that demonstrate that they are inclusive of all Youth and include a peer mentoring component, i.e. aspiring Youth leaders mentoring Youth at risk, will be the priority. Successful projects thrive in a nurturing climate of encouragement, support and a belief and confidence in their abilities.

A.   Type of Projects:

Projects that demonstrate that they can meet the program objectives are eligible. The main beneficiaries of projects are the Youth and the community.

If you are unsure, please discuss your idea with Shooniyaa Wa-Biitong before applying.

B.   All projects have to include the following activities:

i.  Guiding Circles/Life Skills: ½ day to full day session. A follow-up session may be requested.

Projects must include a session on “Guiding Circles – Understanding Yourself and/or Guiding Circles – Finding New Possibilities” or Life Skills to be conducted by Shooniyaa Wa-Biitong program facilitators at no cost. Guiding Circles is a workshop about self-discovery or uncovering potential in the area of gifts, talents, interests, personal style or spirit, values, meaning, learnings, life roles that can lead to a better understanding of oneself and thus the career one would be suited for. It is recommended that Guiding Circles be included as part of the project work plan in the early stages of the project.

ii.  Essential Employment Skills and the development of Work Ethics: ½ day to full day orientation session will be provided free of charge by Shooniyaa Wa-Biitong to project hosts and youth participants

In recognition of the importance of preparing Youth for future career participation, each project must incorporate the following elements into their project plan and activity:

  • Work Skills – Accepting responsibility for tasks, meeting deadlines, setting goals, planning and getting results;
  • People Skills – working as part of a team, personal and social responsibility, interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Thinking Skills – Being able to adapt to change, curiosity, creativity and risk taking, critical thinking and problem solving;
  • Technical/Personal skills – research, proposal writing, presentation/public speaking skills. This is where resource people can be invited to facilitate a workshop.

iii.  Career Awareness: Optional

The Project has the option of incorporating a component that will explore careers related to the type of project they are working on and be prepared to conduct a presentation to all the Youth in the community. Projects incorporating a component on Career Awareness will be eligible for receive additional funds for career role models/presenters.

iv.  Showcasing the Project:

All projects must be prepared to showcase their project at a Shooniyaa Wa-Biitong sponsored function to be determined in the future. While on the project, Youth are encouraged to think about how they would share information about their project with others. If your project is invited to showcase your project, travel expenses will be provided for 2 Youth representatives.

C.   Program Criteria:

Project Participants:

  • Project is open to all Youth, whether they are in school or out of school;
  • Project participants must be members of a Treaty #3 First Nation or if individual Youth are considered members of a community;
  • Youth Participants are primarily of high school age and up to 29 years of age.

Number of Project Participants:

A project must have a minimum of 6 and no more than 10 Youth participating in the project.


A project must be a minimum of 12 weeks and no more than 20 weeks.

Who can Apply:

Applicants must be able to enter into and sign a legal agreement. Youth groups can be sponsored through a First Nation or an incorporated non-profit Aboriginal organization located within the Treaty #3 area.

Budget Available:

The total budget available for Youth Projects is $80,000. Therefore depending on the number of applicants, not all projects and/or all costs may necessarily receive funding as requested. Shooniyaa Wa-Biitong has the authority to limit the number of participants or number of weeks as a result of budgetary limitations.

Eligible Financial Assistance:

  • Projects are considered voluntary however; youth participants are eligible to receive an end of project completion incentive to reward them for their voluntary efforts while on the project. At the end of project, each Youth participant is entitled to receive a financial incentive for their participation throughout the project based on $50 per week to be paid by Shooniyaa Wa-Biitong at the end of the project. The project must maintain and provide records of all project activity including planning/organizing meetings, participant attendance in order for Youth participants to be eligible to receive their incentive bonus.
  • Overhead Costs – costs to cover actual overhead related expenses as a result of administering the project up to a maximum of $50 week. For example, if the youth project is using the band office or other organization for use of their telephone or fax, photocopier or other office equipment these costs may be eligible.

Projects have the option to choose either one of the following:

Option 1

  • Program Costs – items that are necessary for the successful delivery of the project are eligible. These include: rental of meeting room space, office supplies, honoraria for elders or other resource people, materials required for the project. The applicant will need to provide a breakdown of program costs. The maximum is based on $100 per week.

Or Option 2

  • The costs to cover the wages of a part-time on-site Project Coordinator to provide guidance and coordinate administrative matters. The maximum is based on $225 per week based on 15 hours per week @ $15/hr.

Applications requirements:

  • Eligible applicants must provide a completed and signed application form.
  • Provide a description of the project activity, work plan including schedule of planned meetings and the intended end result or product.
  • Provide a description on how the project will incorporate essential employment skills and the development of work ethics into activities.
  • Project Support: Each application must identify how the project will receive support in the form of community based support, guidance and advice.

Project Assessment

The project will be assessed on the following:

  • How the project meets intended program objectives and financial guidelines;
  • There is a clear description of the activities, work plan schedule and intended end result or product;
  • Whether the project idea has the support from the youth in the community;
  • Whether the project has identified someone who will assist the Youth project.

Application Deadline : More Information to Follow

For further information or assistance with your application, please contact Shirley Kelly, Program Supervisor at 1-800-545-5113 or (807) 468-2030 or you may contact the Program Officer in your area.

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