Youth Group Projects – Call for Applications

Shooniyaa Wa-Biitong is pleased to invite applications for Youth Group Projects. Projects can focus on a specific area of interest that addresses a need or impacts the Youth and/or Community as a whole. Examples of projects include:

Environment/Climate Change Awareness

Language and Cultural Preservation and Enrichment

Elder Safety and Well-Being Project

Helping School Project

Youth Empowerment

Promoting Personal and Community Safety

Community History and Fostering Pride

Mental Health Wellness

Promoting Sports, Music, Physical activity

Youth Community Kitchen and Proper Nutrition

Career Awareness and Education Planning including Support Systems


Project Goal: Projects are designed to instill employment essential skills, build community leadership skills and benefit the Youth/Community.


  • Community Projects are Youth driven and led with mentoring and guidance;
  • Projects encourage peer education;
  • Projects promote use and sharing of existing community resources;
  • Projects are respectful of community, leadership and program protocols;

Project Activity – Youth spend their time acquiring skills and must focus on:

Phase I – a) Career/Employment Focus:

  • Career Awareness
  • Pre-Employment and Success in the workplace workshops
  • Pre-Employment Certificates
  • Navigating through finding your Education or Career Path
  • Success in Post-Secondary Studies

b)Essential Skills:

  • Community/Cultural Protocols and Teachings
  • Working with Others/Respectful Workplace
  • Project Planning and Organizational Skills
  • Budgeting
  • Meeting skills
  • Report Writing
  • Presentation Skills/Public Speaking
  • Using Community Resources
  • Developing Communication strategies

Phase II of Project to focus on creating building a peer network and increasing awareness on topics relevant to peers such as:

  • Social Media
  • Human Trafficking
  • Bullying
  • Vaping
  • Substance Awareness
  • Financial Literacy
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Cultural Identity
  • Community Pride
  • Survival/Safety Awareness outside the community
  • Other topics important to the Youth

Phase II of the Project to focus on showing the project to the wider community. This could be a project wind-up presentation, newsletter or videos or creating a story line of the project.

Eligible Applicants:

  • Sponsoring applicants on behalf of Youth Groups must be legal entities and able to sign legal agreements, receive funding and be in good standing with Shooniyaa Wa-Biitong.

Eligible Budget Items

  • Youth Project Coordinator – To provide guidance to the Youth group and co-ordinate resources, to keep project records including attendance records, to gather participant data and reporting requirements required by Shooniyaa Wa-Biitong, to assist the Youth Group with organizing, planning and financial management of the project.
  • The # of hours of the Youth Project Coordinator will be proportional to the # of hours the Youth meet per week x 3 times. For example; Youth Meetings – 6 hours per week. Project Coordinator’s hours will be 18 hours per week.
  • End of Project Incentives – $50 per week (this is based on a minimum of 4 to maximum of 6 hrs per week)
  • Resource/Presenters – please note most community or outside resource/presenters offer their services for free.
  • Elder – Especially at the beginning to set the community context, cultural teachings and protocols
  • Program Related – purchase of materials and supplies depending on project activity
  • Nutrition costs – based on $5.00 per participant per meeting – fruits and vegetables, muffins, juices
  • End of Project wind-up costs – Showcasing the Project – Community Presentation/Celebration/Feast
  • Overhead/Admin – Use/Access to phone, fax, photocopier, meeting space
  • Optional: Select One:

                   Field Trip – $1,500 travel subsidy        or        big event – $1,500

In-kind – Sponsor to provide appropriate office space for Youth Project Coordinator and meeting space for Youth group meetings

Project Criteria:

  • Project Time Frame: Up to 24 weeks
  • Project hours per week: minimum of 4 hours to maximum of 6 meeting hours per week
  • # of Youth participants – minimum of 6 Youth to maximum of 12 Youth per project
  • Eligible Age Group: High School age up to 30 years of age

Deadline: 4:30 p.m. Friday, October 25, 2019

click on link for access to application

YOUTH GROUP PROJECT Application Package 2019 – Word

YOUTH GROUP PROJECT Application Package 2019 – PDF

For further information on project ideas, project criteria, application forms requirements, please contact: Youth Group Project Coordinator at 1-800-545-5113 or (807) 468-2030.

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