Objective: To provide career exploration and work experience opportunities for students while in school. The objective is to encourage students to stay in school or encourage a return to school action plan. Projects can be small part-time employment placements with a mentoring component.

Eligible Participants:

  • Individual students who may benefit from participating in the program must have been identified by a recognized school official
  • Student must be attending high school full time or recently dropped out (within the previous or current school calendar year)

Application Guidelines:

  • Applications are accepted starting in September upon the new school year
  • Youth participant must be supervised by an identified on the job mentor
  • Part of the on the job work experience must include an academic upgrading plan and/or a return to school action plan
  • Projects are allowed up to a maximum of 8 weeks
  • Weekly hours should not exceed no more than 15 hours per week
  • Maximum contribution of $10.25 per hour

Deadline: more information to follow

Contact the Program Officer in your area for an application or for further details on the program.


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