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Shooniyaa Wa-Biitong provides workshops on Guiding Circles to community groups or schools upon request.

“Guiding Circles has been developed with a culturally sensitive approach from the use of the circle metaphor to the incorporation of many elements that reflect an Aboriginal worldview, such as community orientation, connectedness, balance, roles and responsibilities, gifts, spirit, and aptitudes, and values and meaning” – (McCormick & Amundson, 1997)

Facilitator training is also available through AHRDCC. The training is aimed at those who provide either individual or group counselling to specific target groups, i.e. Youth, unemployed, persons with disabilities, etc. in the area of career decision making.

For further information on training please visit the Guiding Circles website

To arrange for a guiding circles workshop for your community or school please contact the Program Officer for your area.

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